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What is a ParrotHead?

Parrotheads: (par-it-heds) n. Unique creatures found in colonies worldwide. Not particularly dangerous, they do occasionally engage in "Feeding Frenzies" that can be somewhat disconcerting to other, less social creatures. While they frequently wear very colorful and unorthodox clothing, Parrotheads have the innate ability to blend in with their environment when required and are sometimes hard to detect. The trained spotter should look for subtle clues like a parrot tattoo, loud, bright Hawaiian shirts (even a coconut bra) &/or an email address or a buffett song title or Buffett quote

Parrot Head: 1. noun: A rare specimen of non-conformists that is an apparently normal person that in reality is a restless dreamer and wild wanderer. Possessing a creative imagination and pure gypsy soul, their dress consists of delightful yet creative and comfortable clothing mainly of Colorful Caribbean design. Diet consist of Cheeseburgers and Margaritas. 2. noun: A devotee of the music and life style of Jimmy Buffett. Mr. Jimmy Buffett is the originator of "Caribbean rock-n-roll", also known as "Trop-rock". It's a true sound of his own. You can visit his website to learn more about him, his music and all his adventures at

Tropical rock (or Trop-Rock) is a genre of popular music that incorporates elements and influences of rock and roll, reggae, country music, caribbean and zydeco, with themes and musical compositions inspired by an island style that represent a way of life that is relaxing and exotic. Trop-Rock should not be confused with the format of Radio Tropical, which is a generic term for Latin and Caribbean music formats, usually in Spanish.

Although today tropical rock is usually associated with southern Florida and the Gulf Coast of the United States, the roots of tropical rock are in the Southern California beach music of the 1960s with artists like Jan and Dean and The Beach Boys.

No one knows where the term Trop Rock originated, many relate it to the musical sound of Jimmy Buffett. In the early to mid 80's,Jimmy Buffett, Bertie Higgins, The original Key Lime Pie Band out of Big Pine Key,and E.C.Davis out of Islamorada, were instrumental in the development of Trop Rock Music. They were all recording artists of this type of music. Also at that time was the Barefootman in the Cayman Islands. It is also called California Beach Sound. There are now many singers and composers within the genre of Trop-Rock throughout the United States. Some of the most popular bands in Trop-Rock genre include: A1A, The Barefoot Man, Blind Manifest, Boat Drunks, Captain Quint, E.C. Davis, Gary PhilipS, Michael Sea and Island Fever, Jimmy Parrish and the Ocean Waves Band, Jerry Diaz & Hanna's Reef, Conch Republic, Jake and the Half Conched Band, Jim Morris, Jack Mosley, Jimmy & The Parrots, John Friday, The Landsharks, Latitude, Northern Harbor, Danny Taddei, Mile Marker 24 Band, Leo Dean, Sunny Jim (James White), Troy Allan, PHINS, Jimi Pappas, Joe Bennett, Swampabbean, Calypso Nuts, Jim Lanier, The Tsunami Wave Riders, Pirate Dreams, Harbor Knights and Young Rebel Goombas. Mainstream artists like Jack Johnson and Kenny Chesney have songs in the trop rock genre.

In the year 2000, Cleveland, Ohio DJ Dennis King started Island Time Radio, featuring island style music. In 2006, Lewis University's radio station, WLRA-FM, began programming this format on the air in Chicago and streaming it world wide. All day Saturday Conch Republic Radio streams Trop Rock music from The Florida Keys and Key West. Radio Margaritaville, available on Sirius XM Radio, also plays much of the genre, with a particular focus on Buffett. The Trop Rock Music Association gives out the Trop Rock Music Awards at the annual Meeting of the Minds Parrothead convention in Key West Florida every November.

What is the Palm Beach Parrot Heads?
What is a Parrot Head ?

What is a Parrot Head? they ask when we appear in mass
What makes you wear those crazy clothes and imitate an a_ _?
The answer is not simple but then again, it is
Tis really just a frame of mind around Jimmy Buffett’s biz.
It’s sitting in a traffic jam and picturing a beach,
A far off island in the sea that’s just beyond your reach
A flowered shirt, a crazy hat, a cheeseburger in hand
A beach chair at an awesome park with a Trop-rock music band.
By day we may be doctors and lawyers and don a 3 piece suit
By night the margaritas flow and grass skirts sure look cute
With sailing songs and steele drum beats the stress can melt away
And if you haven’t tried it, don’t knock it as they say.
We celebrate the pirate life, the hula girls and rum
A bunch of crazy drinkin’ folk we have been called by some
Dancing barefoot, squeezing limes, it is a Tropical circus
But hold the bashing and keep in mind, we Party with a Purpose.
So welcome to this phlocking and we hope that you’ll be kind
Beyond the beaks and feathers you will certainly no doubt find
The greatest bunch of people that take charity to heart,
That welcome anyone that has the urge to play a part.

We are not Parrot Heads because we are Jimmy Buffett fans.

We are Parrot Heads because:

  • We love the ocean.
  • We love our planet.
  • We love to have fun.

*We are Parrot Heads because:

  • We are not afraid to be silly.
  • We are not afraid to act foolish.
  • We are not afraid of love.

We are Parrot Heads because:

  • We believe the best things in life cannot be bought.
  • We believe sharing the best things make them better.
  • We believe in the innate goodness in all of us.

We are Parrot Heads because:

  • We know shared joy is increased.
  • We know shared pain is lessened.
  • We know a good friend has value beyond measure.

It just so happens, that Jimmy Buffett sings about all these things. So, we are not Parrot Heads because we are Jimmy Buffett fans, we are Jimmy Buffett fans because we are Parrot Heads!

10 Stages of a Parrot Head

1. Jimmy Who...
Who the hell is Buffett, oh that guy who did (choose one)
a. Margaritaville
b. Cheeseburger in Paradise
c. Why don't We Get Drunk and Screw.
(Spells Buffett with one "t")

2. Oh it's with two "t's";
Buys "Songs You Know by Heart" because he heard "that one song" at a party. Starts hearing all about the wild concerts and openly declares to the world that he/she is a parrot head. Goes out and buys that Hawaiian shirt they wanted all their life, or at least since last week.

3. Look at me, I'm a parrot head.
Goes to a Jimmy Buffett concert and is amazed by all things parrothead. Loved the show but can't remember any of it through the alcoholic haze.

4. One Particular Parrot
Decides they should buy a few more albums so that the old timers will stop laughing at them when Jimmy plays "One Particular Harbour" and he/she says "that's a great song, I've never heard it."

5. Domino College
Buys the box set so they don't have to buy all the old albums. Still gets laughed at or ignored because they've never heard "Migration", and "Cowboy", The good news is she/he knows "Fins" well enough to move his/her hands the right way at the concert.

6. Buffett is God
Starts collecting the albums, buys a couple more Hawaiian shirts, maybe even a coconut bra. Has two concert tees, and a subscription to the Coconut Telegraph. Suddenly has a burning need to find out all that is Buffett. Considers Buffett to be GOD, 'though they've never heard the song "God's Own Drunk". Actually believes Buffett is a beach bum. NOTE: Some people never get passed this stage...

7. Say it Ain't so Jimmy.
Is reading everything there is on Buffett and is getting a little disillusioned. They are closing their ears and screaming "say it ain't so" when people criticize their "hero". No one stays at this stage for very long They either punt and return to Stage 6 or move to Stage 8.

8. Screw Buffett...
Accuse Buffett of being a heretic, Accuse him of selling out ... and all the concerts sound the same...Screw Buffett; This is also a dead end stage for many fans. Cancel subscription to CT, complains about concerts and new records and every other money grubbing venture Mr. Margaritaville is wrapped up in. Hates it when his/her non parrothead friends label him/her a parrot head.

9. My name is ...... and I listen to Buffett music.
Comes to the realization that Buffett is human, and deals with it, with the help of other Buffett fans or some internal strength. Understands the myth, and to some degree, the man who created it and finds compromise somewhere between stage 6 and stage 8. Can't buy anymore albums because they have them all, already. Enjoys the music for what it represents, which is why they bought it in the first place and ignore all the other bullshit as best as possible, without forsaking their own moral standards.

10. If you reach stage nine and still continuously listen to Buffett and enjoy the concerts and the, my friend, are a Parrothead.


Where exactly is the fictitious Margaritaville?
It’s in the tropics somewhere between the port of indecision and southwest of disorder, but no parallels of latitude or longitude mark the spot exactly. You don’t have to be a navigator to get there. Palm trees provide the camouflage, passports are not required and island music rules. No waiting lines for anything. There is a beach and thatched roof bar perched on the edge of the turquoise sea where you can always find a barstool. There are lots of lies and loads of stories.
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